Camp Prep 2019

The flipping of a calendar, rumors of camp staff meetings, anticipation of work days , are all signs that we are beginning to to become excited for this summer’s camp season.

Although there is still a lot to be determined, there are already a few notable changes.  For instance, Youth Camp has traditionally started on a Friday evening.  This year, registration will begin on Saturday morning, July 13th.  Children’s Camp also has big changes as it moves from a Wednesday start date to a Friday morning (Friday, August 2nd). Definitely pay close attention, this year, to the website for information as we get closer to the timeframe.

Junior camp doesn’t have a big change this year, but does seem to start later as it runs from Sunday, August 11th to Saturday, August 17th.

For now, please be in prayer for Camp 2019.  For student hearts, for staff, for teachers, for safety, for the ambient community, for administration, for finances, for local contributing churches, etc.  Also, consider your role in camp this year.  Reach out to board members, or directors, for ways in which to participate!