BPYC 2018: A Summary

2018retreatCall it irony call, it destiny, call it the sovereign hand of God (which is of course the best option), but this year’s theme was Breakout and God used the week to show us that concept in ways we could have never imagined.

Our good group of 36 campers and a truly amazing staff shared an exciting 10 days. From building structures that no one could break out of (except one very adept staff member), to learning about lots of spiritual breakouts in our teaching/testimony times and evening messages with evangelist Dave Dowling, to breaking out of some of our traditional schedule and routine norms to see if there was any improvements or impact that could be gained – we truly had a week of breakouts and breakthroughs.  Some of them easy and fun, some of them tough and deep, but all of them pointing to God truly being in control and being our ultimate source of breaking out from anything less than that.
With all this new and different though, there are some things that haven’t changed and never will – like milkshakes and chicken patties, and Elbow Tag and Chinese Wall, and of course God working and accomplishing through the ministry of BPYC.  We praise Him for doing just that again this 2018 season.
Be on the look-out for more information regarding the BPYC 2018 Retreat (Theme: Lock In) coming up the weekend of September 21-23.